About Be a Hero/Be A Hero Action Fund

Be A Hero PAC is a national progressive organization that works tirelessly to advocate for a more fair and just healthcare system in the United States. Founded by ALS activist Ady Barkan and Liz Jaff in 2018, Be A Hero has grown rapidly and helped shape the dialogue for healthcare advocacy and accountability in America.

With a remote team across the country, we support and advance the state-based and national fight for Medicare for All, opposition to Big Pharma, progressive COVID policy, and a host of other progressive issues. We operate through a model of empowering local progressive infrastructure through meaningful, long-term partnerships to take collective action to change national policy and politics.

Content Producer

The role of Content Producer at Be A Hero is to develop both recorded and live video content for publication and marketing to various audiences in support of dynamic healthcare campaigns. We are looking for someone with a passion for progressive politics, media, and publishing, knowledge of health care issues, experience producing video content both in front of and behind the camera, and an ability to work closely and interactively with many team members.

Be A Hero is developing several high-profile health care advocacy campaigns, and all of our work features compelling, personal narrative-driven video content as a bedrock of our campaign plans. If you are used to pitching innovative, compelling ideas and hearing “no,” working with Be A Hero will be a welcome change — we are one of the most aggressive political organizations in the space, and through Be A Hero you could have the opportunity to see your ideas made real and play an outsized role in pushing the progressive political media space forward in a fast-evolving environment.


● Develop and produce video concepts with a wide network of independent videographers and editors in our orbit

● Recruit and vet story participants

● Manage complex organic and paid media production plans with dozens of contributors and iterations

● Assist with media testing operations

● Conceive and manage a live video event schedule

● In front of camera hosting opportunities available for our new live video projects


● 3 or more years of experience conceiving and producing digital video content

● Knowledge of health care issues, especially where the layers of race, class, and disability intersect

● Ideally have experience and an interest in working on camera

This is a three-month contract position, with a variable workload and time commitment. Compensation is $5000-$6500 per month, depending on experience. This contract has the opportunity for renewal if Be A Hero needs continued support moving forward.

Interested candidates should submit a brief cover letter, resume, a portfolio, and three references to jobs@beaherofund.com, subject line “Content Producer.”

Be A Hero is an equal opportunity employer. We maintain a strong commitment to the values of equal justice and a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace that is safe and welcoming to all. We believe that all institutions should more fully reflect the world we live in and commit to doing that in our organization. We strongly urge anyone who shares our commitment to equality, justice, and freedom for all regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability status, military status, or ethnicity to apply.

Ady Barkan is asking politicians to be heroes and stand up for our us. Or else, we’ll vote them out. #BeAHero Press inquiries: info@beaherofund.com

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