Be A Hero PAC Launches $1 Million Targeted Ad Buy Featuring Georgian Nurses Speaking Out Against Sen. Loeffler and Sen. Perdue

Atlanta, Georgia — Today, Be A Hero PAC announced a $1 Million digital and radio ad buy in the Atlanta suburbs for ads featuring republican and independent nurses from National Nurses United calling on voters to vote Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue out of office. In the ads, the nurses point to the Georgia Senators using their positions to benefit themselves financially during the pandemic while ignoring the public health of Georgians as one of many reasons to replace them with Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

According to the poll done in partnership with Data for Progress polling and rigorous Swayable testing, the nurses call to actions are the top performing messages for Georgia voters, and increase support for Ossoff and Warnock as well Senate control and mobilization. One of the ads, featuring nurse and former Republican Irma Westmore of Augusta, is shown to persuade and mobilize moderate voters who did not cast a ballot in the November 2020 election by 7 points.

View the ads: Irma, Melissa, Alice, and Dana.

“Everything hangs in the balance in Georgia, and we can’t just mobilize our base — we have to convince independents that we have the leadership to make change in Washington,” said Liz Jaff, President of Be A Hero PAC. “Our campaign is small but targeted, and we believe there are between 110,000 to 140,000 undecided voters we can move with these powerful ads. We are doing everything it takes to get the message out there to moderate republican women.”

“As bedside nurses, we never give up on our patients, and we will not stand for representatives that prioritize profit over people. During this pandemic, we have been on the front lines, caring for our patients — all while Sen. Loeffler and Sen. Perdue were profiting off of the crisis,” said Jean Ross, RN, President of National Nurses United. “By sharing their impactful stories, these nurses will persuade voters that it’s time for new Georgia leadership.”

“I was a Republican for many years, and I have gone to be a Democrat because Republicans are not doing their job,” said Irma Westmoreland, registered nurse in Augusta, Georgia and one of the subjects of the ads. “They don’t care about the guys like us that don’t make anything, that are working paycheck to paycheck to paycheck because that’s not who they are. They don’t care about the little guy.”

“We’re in the midst of a pandemic, right in a pandemic, people are losing their lives. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue don’t care about us,” said Melissa Turner-Kyahese, registered nurse in Atlanta, Georgia and one of the subjects of the ads. “We need somebody that believes in the people, that wants to fight for the people, and we’re just not giving them another chance.”

“In the middle of a pandemic, we have had patients who lost insurance because they lost their jobs,” said Dana Horton, registered nurse in Lithonia, Georgia and one of the subjects of the ads. “Take it from a nurse — we need new leadership now.”

“I have been an Independent my entire voting life. My mom died November 5th of COVID. This is extra personal to me,” said Alice Beasley, registered nurse in Atlanta, Georgia and one of the subjects of the ads. “I am not voting for Kelly Loeffler or David Perdue because I cannot see myself in them whatsoever.”

Media interviews will be available upon request with Irma Westmoreland from National Nurses United.


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