Be A Hero will not be endorsing in Maine

Susan Collins will be a tough incumbent to defeat.

The full weight of the GOP establishment is gearing up to put its force behind Collins. This will be the most competitive race in the country, which is why we need to build the support we need now to defeat her.

She’s already shown us that she will scurry to each and every corporate donor who wants to protect her as a rubber stamp to the Trump and McConnell agenda.

But a massive wave of grassroots support is needed to carry Collins’ Democratic opponent to victory.

There are three Democrats vying for Maine’s Senate seat so far. One year ago, running against Collins was seen as a far fetched battle — but because of our movement, everything has changed.

Our mission remains the same since last fall. Your donation goes to the future Democratic nominee — whoever they are — because we are staunchly committed to beating Susan Collins.

Be A Hero will not be endorsing any primary candidate, but will look instead to Maine voters to make that decision. We know they’ll do the best job because they are living with Susan Collins’ hypocrisy and neglect on a daily basis. Once they do, the Democratic candidate who wins the Primary will receive every cent that we raise. It’s that simple.

We will keep raising money for whoever that Democratic nominee will be. And together we will defeat Susan Collins.

We’ve already lined up more than $4 million — a formidable amount of fundraising power. But a little bit more in the bank for our Democratic nominee could change this race from a toss-up to leaning in our favor.

Susan Collins just took her 7,000th vote in the Senate, but the substance of those votes shows she’s in the pocket of corporate special interests.

That’s why this week we’re raising $7,000 more for her Democratic opponent.

Chip in $20.20 right now and fund Susan Collins’ future opponent:

Ady Barkan is asking politicians to be heroes and stand up for our us. Or else, we’ll vote them out. #BeAHero Press inquiries:

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